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Fitting room

Remember that getting your dimensions is the most important thing when choosing the correct size.

Never suggest that you usually wear one size or the other (forget about it completely).

Each size is different (some are inflated, others are understated).

Each material has a different ductility, one is stretched by 10cm on the circumference and the other is 2cm.


How to properly collect your dimensions:

Prepare: tailor meter, sticky note and pen.
Metr Kartka Długopis

Manekin PrzódManekin Tył

1.In the first step, measure the bust marked in the picture above as 1 (the widest place).

2.The second step is to measure the waist marked in the figure above as 2 (the narrowest place).

3.The next step is to measure the hips marked in the figure as 3 (the widest place).

4.The penultimate step is to save the results for comparison to a piece of paper.

5.Now go to the product you are interested in and compare the dimensions and choose the size.

Interpretation of dimensions:

Under each model of the dress you will find the dimensions given in cm which are given from - to (e.g.: Bust 79-84), what does this mean?

The first dimension is a measure of the product without stretching the material, the second dimension is a measure after the maximum material tension.

So, for example, if you have 85cm in the bust and the dimensions are 84cm - 88cm for size S 36, your size is S 36.

It was an example to show how to interpret given dimensions so that your choice would be the most accurate.

If your dimensions fall out, for example between size S 36 and M 38, you have to decide if you like more stuff or healthy looseness.

If the dress is a flared dress, the size of the hips does not matter because the dress in the hips is loose.

Interpretation of length:

Długość sukienki

Mostly we give the length from under the armpit to the bottom of the dress presents this photo on the left and is given as 1. Sometimes in some dresses the total length shown in the picture is shown as 2, it means that the length is measured from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the dress.

If you want to illustrate the length of the dress even better, take the meter from the wardrobe, put the meter under the armpit or on the top of the arm and see where the dimension given on our website will end.